Tip: Unable to sign in after Azure AD Join – “We are unable to connect right now”

I recently encountered an issue where I was unable to sign into a Windows 10 device which had completed device ESP. After entering my Azure AD credentials on the Windows sign-in screen, I received the error “We are unable to connect right now. Please check your network and try again later.”.

After checking the obvious potential causes (network connectivity and user licensing), I did a quick search which led me to a few threads where others had experienced the same issue. While there didn’t appear to be a clear single fix, I did notice that the posts were listed in bursts, rather than spread out across random dates. There was talks of MFA causing the issue, however I wasn’t convinced as I’ve never come across this during the multiple deployments I’ve worked on previously.

Surprisingly, leaving things alone overnight resolved my problem. After trying again the following morning, all 3 of my test devices immediately signed in. Despite service health having no Intune/Azure AD advisories before or after my issue, I am confident this was caused by a Microsoft back end issue.

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