Fix: Hybrid Configuration Wizard unable to connect to Office 365


If you’ve got a Microsoft 365 tenant created after late March 2023 (or you’re otherwise reading this in June 2023), you may find that you are faced with the below error when running the Hybrid Configuration Wizard (HCW): This is because Microsoft has began disabling Remote PowerShell in Exchange Online, starting with new tenants. In … Read more

How to: Install Jellyfin on a Synology NAS using Docker (with Intel QSV hardware transcoding)

Updated 22/02/23 to include required /dev/dri permissions for non-root users There is an overwhelming amount of information regarding this topic, with the vast majority being outdated. As such, I am writing this post to provide an up to date method of installing Jellyfin on a Synology NAS (in my case, a DS920+) with the required … Read more

How to: Remove a single Azure AD Password Protection Proxy agent

If you’re migrating your Azure AD Password Protection Proxy agent to a new host, you will have found that no documentation exists to guide you through decommissioning the legacy agent without removing AAD Password Protection entirely. To remove a single (or multiple) agents without decommissioning the entire service, see below: Uninstall the proxy agent software … Read more

Tip: Unable to sign in after Azure AD Join – “We are unable to connect right now”

I recently encountered an issue where I was unable to sign into a Windows 10 device which had completed device ESP. After entering my Azure AD credentials on the Windows sign-in screen, I received the error “We are unable to connect right now. Please check your network and try again later.”. After checking the obvious … Read more

Fix: “Not valid SMTP address” while adding migrated mailbox permissions

A customer recently came to me with an issue leaving them unable to add permissions for a migrated user to an on-prem calendar. Upon attempting to do this, they received the below error: A very confusing issue as the mailbox Exchange is looking for most certainly does exist. A quick check using the below command … Read more

Fix: Cryptographic exception error when assigning certificates on Exchange

During a certificate renewal on Exchange 2016, I received the below error while attempting to assign services to the new certificate: You’ll also see a similar message when generating new self-signed certificates via PowerShell: In my case, this was caused by McAfee Endpoint Security. Disabling Threat Prevention and Adaptive Threat Protection allowed me to complete … Read more

Fix: Modern Hybrid Agent exit code 1603 on Exchange 2016

Setup terminated with an Exit Code 1603.

Updated 25/05/23 to include .reg file Today I was faced with a new issue while running through the Hybrid Configuration Wizard on a new Exchange 2016 machine running Windows Server 2016. This error can also be seen in the HCW log file which can be found in %AppData%\Roaming\Microsoft\Exchange Hybrid Configuration on the machine running HCW. … Read more

Fix: Seamless SSO not working for Staged Rollout users

If you’re planning on making the switch from federated to cloud authentication, you have probably heard of Staged Rollout; a new feature from Microsoft that allows you to pilot the migrated experience without migrating your entire domain. While the feature works as advertised, Microsoft’s setup instruction are missing a key step to get Seamless Single … Read more

Fix: ScriptingAgent error on Exchange 2016

I recently worked with a client to install a new Exchange 2016 server into an existing Exchange 2010 environment. The install was smooth and all tests were successful, however I faced a recurring warning whenever using the New-Mailbox cmdlet. This error was present in both EAC and EMS (full error can be found at the … Read more